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Property and Garden Care

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your property will

have a lived in look and your gardens will survive the summer heat!

I hear you saying, but isn't this a Pet Care Service. The answer is yes,

however we also love seeing our customers come home to find everything as it should be inside and outside plants alive, lawns green and manicured showing

the world that drives by that all is normal and your not away at all!

Service includes but not limited to;

- Collection of Mail and newspapers

- Watering of pot plants & vegetable gardens

- Sprinkler timers for garden beds and lawns if required

-Lawns mowed and edges trimmed

- Bins In / Out on nominated day

- Blinds opened and closed

- Our own washing hung on your clothes line for the at home effect

- Rotate lights left on and off to show daily presence

- Pool skimmer boxes emptied

- Pool water levels maintained and pool pumps checked

Property and Garden Care service offer watering of Vegetable Gardens

Security Checks

Whilst we are not security guards or experts in security we are able to

do a visual security check of the property by checking all appears normal and the same as the day before.

If an attempted break in to the home, garage or shed looked like it had occurred we would contact the owner to discuss the options to make the property secure again and assist with contacting local police in the owners

absence to assist with insurance claims.

Visual checks to ensure all is secure of your home whilst on site with Property and Garden Care Service

Prices are subject to change based on the workload and individual needs.

30 min visit onsite $25

60 min visit onsite $50

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