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Doggy Boot Camp

Adore All Pet Care is now offering doggy boot camp!

Is your dog overweight, hyperactive or just require training?

Adore All Pet Care Service offers doggy boot camp!

One on One Doggy Boot Camp Training Sessions

A regular training program of at least 3 per week with our diploma qualified dog trainer to work on

specific problems with the view to resolve within a 3 - 6 week timeframe.

To list some areas we can assist with;

- Lead etiquette (No more pulling), stop, sit & stay

- Recall

- Jumping

- Crate training

Sessions are for 60 minutes

Cost starts at $60 per session

For young dogs we are happy to reduce sessions to 30 minutes at $30 (Traralgon Only)

One on One Regular Exercise, Training and Food Program Includes

A regular exercise and training program with our qualified dog

handlers either 3 or 5 times per week. Sessions last 1 hour.

Dietary and feeding tips and recommendations Or for an extra charge we can prepare and portion control food for you.

Cost starts at $60 per session without food


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