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Adore All Pet Care loves playtime with Jess & Shagrath

Pet Sitting

When you holiday, leave your pets Holiday Pet Care needs to the professional pet sitting services of Adore All Pet Care.

Pet Sitting is suitable for pets happiest in their own environment and for multi pet families of all varieties.

Cats especially suit our Pet Sitting Service as they definitely prefer their own homes.

We call on them once a day or more if required at an additional charge.

Operating 7 days a week 365 days a year.

 We are proud to be the longest operating Pet Sitting Service in Traralgon and pride ourselves on giving the best care to your pets.

Adore All Pet Care Service

 travels to the following towns;

Traralgon, Morwell, Tyers, Glengarry, Traralgon South, Rosedale and Hazelwood Nth.

(Other towns are considered on request)

We also care for Hobby Farms - Cows, horses, chooks, geese, pigs etc.. Daily feeding, paddock rotation, water changes. All pet and livestock feeding requests will be discussed at a meet and greet and quoted accordingly.

A meet and greet with you & your pets is available free of charge with your initial booking (Traralgon). We allow 15 minutes. Outside of Traralgon will occur a small charge.


Week Day Rates per visit: Traralgon

$18 1 pet without walk

$24 1 pet with 15 min walk/play

$29 1 pet with 30 min walk/play

Multiple pets surcharge: $2 extra per pet.

Weekend Day Rates per visit: Traralgon

$22.50 1 Pet without walk

Multiple pets surcharge: $2 extra per pet.

Public Hol Rates per visit: Traralgon

$30 Public Holiday 1 pet

Multiple pets surcharge: $2 extra per pet.

Rates per visit: Outside of Traralgon

Glengarry, Hazelwood Nth, Morwell, Traralgon South

 & Tyers.

$27 1 pet without walk - weekday

$33 1 pet with 15 min walk/play - weekday

$43 1 pet with 30 min walk/play - weekday

$38 1 pet without walk - weekends

$47 1 pet without walk - Public Holiday

Multiple pets surcharge: $2 extra per pet.


Special Conditions: 

  • Hobby Farms quoted based on time on site rather than per visit.
Cats are happiest at home

Activities included with Pet Sitting Service Price

* Feeding and water changes

* Poop Scoop and Litter Changes

* Cool down of dogs on hot days

* Fur ball cat accidents cleaned up in the area's of the home we access

* Collection of Mail

* Watering of pot plants & vegetable gardens

* Bins In / Out

* Pool skimmer boxes emptied

* Security Check of premises whilst on site.

(We can also add to the lived in look and rotate lights left on

and open / shut blinds)

Extra Services Available with Pet Sitting Service (Extra Charge)

- Doggy Boot Camp (Training)

- Dog Walking

- Hydro Bath 

- Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance

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