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Doggy Beach Outings
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Dogs Name
Dogs Breed
Booking Dates (Can book a month at a time)
Tuesday 3/11/2020
Thursday 5/11/2020
Tuesday 10/11/2020
Thursday 12/11/2020
Tuesday 17/11/2020
Thursday 19/11/2020
Tuesday 24/11/2020
Thursday 26/11/2020
Dogs personality - Select as many as you think match your dog
Highly Social loves all dogs and humans
Fairly Social but does like timeout
Travels well in the car crated or harnessed
Get's anxiety in the car and doesn't like it
Has been to the beach before
Has never been to the beach
Loves water and will most likely enjoy a swim
Doesn't like swimming but loves the beach
Never shown aggression to another dog
Needs to stay on a lead as will not recall
Permission to take off lead, dog has recall
Loves ball play & will chase ball into water
Loves ball play on the sand only
Is desexed
Is fully vaccinated
Will share toys with other dogs
Possessive over toys / balls
All dogs need to be dropped off between 9 - 10am as we leave at 11 and would like the group to meet and mingle prior to being loaded in the vehicle. Dogs to be collected between 4 - 5pm. If you require special times outside of these please note them below for our consideration.